Class of 2008 wins dance competition for second consecutive year

Karly Bader ('08) and Dara Weinraub ('09)/ Eastside Opinions Editor and Sports Editor

November 17, 2007

After weeks of preparation and hard work, the Spirit Week dances finally hit the stage at Cherry Hill East in the Spirit Week Dance Competition. The theme this year was board games, with the freshmen playing Operation, sophomores playing Clue, juniors ...

Students face sweet competition in lemonade contest

Kim Kline ('09) and Jolie Krooks ('09)/ Eastside Humor Editor and Eastside Special Editions Editor

November 16, 2007

With water pouring out of their mouths, and in some cases their noses, students weren’t too worried about messing up their fathers’ ties on Non-Casual Friday. “This game is called ‘Make Lemonade,’” announced Mr. Dav...

Juniors grab early lead in Spirit Week standings

Spirit Week Committee

November 15, 2007

After the first day of Spirit Week 2007, the class of '09 has jumped into the lead. The standings are currently as follows:  Rank  Class   1st  2009   2nd  2008  3rd  2010  4th  ...

Schedule for Spirit Week!

Spirit Week Committee

November 13, 2007

If the above slideshow of the schedule refuses to cooperate, the gallery is also visible here: http://picasaweb.google.com/Eragmus/SpiritWeekSchedule/photo#5132196037267485586 Just click the arrow keys above the image ...