Vick’s second chance

Taylor Brody ('11)/ For Eastside and Taylor Brody ('11)/ For Eastside

August 24, 2009

Nobody saw this coming. Neither did I. That's until my father called me with the news: "The Eagles signed Michael Vick!" After a few minutes of "What the..." and "Wow!", it drew on me that many people weren't going to...

Vick an Eagle

Max Cohen ('12)/ Online Sports Editor and Max Cohen ('12)/ Online Sports Editor

August 22, 2009

Michael Vick, the former NFL star who fell from grace after running and operating a dogfighting ring and serving 18 months of jail time, signed a one year contract with the Eagles on Thursday night.  Vick’s committed his crime...

No second chances for Vick and celebrities

Nate Mulberg ('10)/ Eastside Staff

January 27, 2008

Have you ever heard of someone retaining his or her job after committing murder? Chances are, you probably have not. However, that may soon change thanks in large part to the infamous actions of former NFL phenomenon Michael Vi...