Pro-prom tips from Jake and Gina

Jake Trommer ('11)/Eastside humor editor, Gina Villecco ('11)/Eastside humor editor

May 23, 2011

 Having trouble finding a date to prom? Don’t know what styles are in this season? Need the most creative way to ask your date? Don’t worry, senior. The TOP TEN most frequently asked questions, hopes and prayers have been...

Release the hounds

Jake Trommer ('11)/ Eastside Humor Editor

May 6, 2011

Students in Ms. Jen Kinnsey’s AP English class learned that the consequences for doing poorly on assignments are more severe than they had initially thought when Kinnsey let loose a pack of man-eating dogs on those students...

Another One Bites the Dust: It’s Simple

Jake Trommer ('11)/ Eastside Editorial Assistant (Blood and Inks by Nicolle Rochino ('10)/ Eastside Art Director)

October 17, 2009