Spring Blood Drive is a success

Marlee Zeitz ('16)/ Eastside Sports Editor

March 27, 2014

With 4 months of preparation, the spring blood drive kicked off this past Tuesday morning and came to an end Wednesday afternoon. Taking place in the library annex and gym, donors checked in at a desk recieving a water bottle...

It is possible to have a ball in gym class

Kaylin Magosin ('14)/ Eastside Staff and Kaylin Magosin ('14)/ Eastside Staff

May 28, 2011

Sweaty.  Boring.  Annoying.  When you think of gym class, these words fit the stereotype.  If you are athletic, gym seems to be a waste of time because you already participate in exercise after school.  If sports are not...

Student takes gym sports seriously

Gina Villecco ('11)/ Eastside Staff

March 5, 2010

George B. Johnson (’10) is the man with a plan; a game plan that is.   Floor hockey, a familiar old gym sport, is now on the rise to becoming as big as college football and basketball all thanks to Johnson.   “I’ve...

Another Crazy Comic: X-TREME

Nicolle Rochino ('10)/ Eastside Art Director

October 25, 2009