Nap AP/H to be offered as an elective at east

Gina Villecco ('11)/Eastside humor editor

May 27, 2011

O’Schmeeza announced just yesterday morning that the elective “Nap” will officially be added to the curriculum as of next year. Available solely to upperclassmen, the Nap elective will be offered in both advanced placement...

Pro-prom tips from Jake and Gina

Jake Trommer ('11)/Eastside humor editor, Gina Villecco ('11)/Eastside humor editor

May 23, 2011

 Having trouble finding a date to prom? Don’t know what styles are in this season? Need the most creative way to ask your date? Don’t worry, senior. The TOP TEN most frequently asked questions, hopes and prayers have been...

“Friday” becomes the new ‘F-word’

Gina Villecco ('11)/Eastside humor editor

May 12, 2011

Rebecca Black, the terrible teen-pop sensation that is sweeping the nation, is giving Friday a whole new reputation. Thirteen-year-old Black just recently impressed the media with something they thought Miley Cyrus mastered...

Schools need to recognize national holidays

Gina Villecco ('11)/ Eastside Humor Editor and Gina Villecco ('11)/ Eastside Humor Editor

October 16, 2010

Holiday: (n) a day fixed by law or custom on which ordinary business is suspended in commemoration of some event or in honor of some person. According to this definition, holidays are celebrated by taking off of work or school...

Mother of East student sends concerned email about schedule mix-up

Gina Villecco ('11)/ Eastside Humor Editor

August 30, 2010

Yesterday at 10:51 a.m Francine Quinton, 49, sent a very concerned email to guidance counselor Ravine Brady, 53, about her son, Marcus Quinton ('13), and his schedule. According to the email, "Marcus signed up for Cooking,...

Student takes gym sports seriously

Gina Villecco ('11)/ Eastside Staff

March 5, 2010

George B. Johnson (’10) is the man with a plan; a game plan that is.   Floor hockey, a familiar old gym sport, is now on the rise to becoming as big as college football and basketball all thanks to Johnson.   “I’ve...

Predatory Bird Abducts East Student

Gina Villecco ('11)

October 8, 2009

At approximately 7:45 am on October 6, East student Donald Ronaldson (’13) was abducted by an excessively large red-tailed hawk. Students claim that in the weeks leading up to the abduction, the giant bird had been seen lurking...