Finals help students in the long-term

Sam Greenberg, Eastside Staff

April 15, 2015

Each year, students spend boring class after class daydreaming about what the summer has in store. What every student, including myself, tries to forget is that the most important tests of the year lie in the way of ultimately...

Stress affects the East community as school comes to a close

Emily Reisman ('16)/ Eastside Staff

June 13, 2014

With finals week approaching, students are scrambling to find their notebooks, tests, and homework from the beginning of the year to use for their last assessment of the school year. Many students are spending days and nights...

Students utilize various study methods in preparation for finals

Ashley Cooper, Eastside Staff

June 13, 2014

Finals. This one word can instill feelings of anxiety, fear and dismay within high school students.  Specifically at Cherry Hill East, finals have a significant effect on the anxiety levels of students, as the exams account for...

Finals week brings stress to East students

Adam Polikoff ('16)/ Eastside Staff

June 13, 2014

A student from Cherry Hill East is sitting at his desk in his room with papers all over the place. He has both a math final and a chemistry final the next day and he doesn’t know how he will be able to study sufficiently for...