Apple releases iOS 8

Apple releases iOS 8

October 2, 2014

East football now playing on home territory

Brooke Weiss (’10)/Eastside News and Features Editor

October 21, 2008

This football season, the Cougars finally hunt on their own territory. East's varsity football team traditionally played home games at West's Jonas C. Morris stadium due to the inadequacy of their own field, which lacked sufficient...

East Wing Bowl ’08: Video Recap

Jared Annarelli ('08)/ Eastside Video Editor

February 12, 2008

Meet the Contestants [gv data="d1JjPTSWZUg"][/gv] Round 1 (first group) [gv data="NqfX_huvKvY"][/gv] Round 1 (second group) [gv data="xI7lnRcLdbs"][/gv] Round 2 [gv data="aTdkjjsWv2M"][/gv] Round 3 [gv data="ZM...

Wing Bowl 2008 results: top 15

Eastside Editorial Board

February 2, 2008

1.   Erdong Chen ('11) 2.   Kelly Hwang ('09) 3.   Phil Hengy ('08) 4.   (tie) David Badecki ('08) and Kevin Conroy ('08) 6.   (tie) Bryan Barkow ('10), Obi Onejeme ('10) and Mark Wickware ('08) 9.   Br...

Video recap: 2007 Eastside Dodgeball Tournament

Jared Annarelli ('08)/ Eastside Video Editor

January 3, 2008

[gv data="AiLESGj7c9M"][/gv]

Spirit Week volleyball tournament serves up an ace

Noah Cohen ('09)/ Eastside Editor-in-Chief

November 19, 2007

The annual Spirit Week volleyball tournament was held today, November 19, from 4 pm to 6 pm in the DiBart gym. With Mr. CJ Davis, the Coordinator of Student Activities, as the referee, the event was a success. The tournamen...

East Junior’s father faces titanic Congressional battle

Mike Feinberg ('08)/ Eastside Staff

November 5, 2007

UPDATE: Representative Jim Saxton has announced his retirement from Congress because of health reasons. This improves the chances for State Senator John Adler, who is the only declared candidate for the now open Congress seat. ...

Christina visits Philadelphia

Ashley Drazen (’09)/ Eastside Staff

May 1, 2007

As the arena filled up on April 3rd, everyone waited for the main act, Christina Aguilera. Philadelphia, one of the many stops she has visited to perform her classic numbers, welcomed her with open arms. The powerhouse performer...

Top albums of 2006

Sam Katz ('07)/ Eastside Editor-in-chief

February 12, 2007

    With each passing year in the new millennium, the music scene grows progressively worse.  This year is no exception. Only a handful of recent artists (Wilco, Beck, The White Stripes, Kanye West, Citizen Cope, Ben Harper) can be hailed as ...

Video: Wing Bowl Recap

Eastside Editorial Board

February 8, 2007

Entrances [gv data="j0VedeE48kE"][/gv] Part One [gv data="rC8Mc3N-X9U"][/gv] Part Two [gv data="6u6962SRuWo"][/gv]

East students’ ice-cream addiction

Kim Kline / For Eastside

January 16, 2007

While many East students think they’re “ice-cream-oholics”, the same, sugar-loving teenagers might be surprised to discover the results of a recent survey of 45 students’ ice cream preferences. Ice-cream wouldn’t b...

Cherry Hill East Dance Team to shine at Regionals

Sharon Shapiro ('09)/ Eastside News/Features Editor

December 14, 2006

While twenty-four girls from all four grades are a part of East’s Dance Team, only the varsity team, which is comprised of fourteen girls, will compete in the upcoming competition.  Last April, the Varsity Dance Team w...

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