The Basketball Recruiting Fiesta: Column 1

Darby Festa ('13), Sports Editor

June 30, 2012

The recruiting process is an odd thing. It’s not always a game of cat and mouse, as most might expect. It’s more like cat and cat. Sometimes, I’ll tell the college ‘Hey, I’d like to play for you!’ and other times...

East goes Dutch

East goes Dutch

November 28, 2011

Pretty Little Liars: ‘Twisted’ novel review

Darby Festa ('13) / News/Features Editor

July 21, 2011

    When Sara Shepard released the previous novel in the Pretty Little Liars series, Wanted, we thought that Ali was dead. A was gone. And the four girls: Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily, were safe.     Little did we know,...

Harry Potter countdown: Day 2, How to play quidditch (muggle edition)

Darby Festa ('13)/Eastside online editor

June 28, 2011

Muggles were first introduced to quidditch when Oliver Wood, keeper extraordinaire, taught Harry Potter the do’s and dont’s of the magical game. This private lesson launched a quidditch-frenzy. All around the world, envious...

Hot in Hollywood

Darby Festa ('13)/Eastside online news editor

May 27, 2011

It may seem that Hollywood stars are only good for a few things: cranking out some entertaining films, crazy stunts that land them in the slammer or intriguing and amusing love triangles. Little does the world know, they do...

Artists draw portraits for multi-cultural day

Darby Festa ('13)/Eastside online editor

April 15, 2011

Today, April 15, East held its annual Multi-Cultural day, in which students of all different cultures showcased their distinctive talents and background. Not only did student groups, such as the Break-dancing club and Korean Culture...

Pretty Little Liars: season 1, episode 17

Darby Festa ('13)/Eastside online news editor

March 8, 2011

Episode seventeen picks up where the girls last left off: trying to figure out the secret message Toby left for them. The girls manage to decode the message, translating it from the original Braille inscription, and discover that...

Pretty Little Liars: season 1, episode 16

Darby Festa ('13)/Eastside online news editor

February 15, 2011

Viewers, officially creeped out by the ending of last weekend’s epsiode, tune in to see what follows in the sixteenth episode of “Pretty Little Liars”. And it does not disappoint. A mix of suspense, mystery, and a little...

Pretty Little Liars: season 1, episode 15

Darby Festa ('13)/Eastside online news editor

February 9, 2011

Episode fifteen picks up with the girls re-examining the photo of Ali the morning after the dance. Ali’s brother, Jason, is back in Rosewood and the girls have reason to believe he took the picture. The angle suggests that the...

Pretty Little Liars: season 1, episode 14

Darby Festa ('13)/Eastside online news editor

February 8, 2011

After receiving a video from A in the last video featuring Ali and Ian, the girls mull over what their next actions should be. Meanwhile, they leave the video paused on the desktop – an innocent notion until Ian walks in and...

Pretty Little Liars: season 1, episode 13

Darby Festa ('13), Eastside online editor

January 31, 2011

The thirteenth episode of “Pretty Little Liars” does not disappoint. Immediately, from the opening scene, viewers are once again overcome with a feeling of suspense and excitement as Spencer spies on Melissa and Ian discussing...

Pretty Little Liars: season 1, episode 12

Darby Festa ('13)/Eastside online editor

January 27, 2011

In the twelfth episode of season one of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna is released from the hospital, still concerned about the signature on her cast. The girls discuss Noel Kahn, and are still convinced that he is “A”. While...

Pretty Little Liars: season 1, episode 11

Darby Festa ('13)/Eastside online news editor

January 4, 2011

“The Pretty Little Liars” has returned to ABC Family with its second season, picking up from the dramatic cliffhanger where the television series left off in season one: Hannah, unconscious on the ground after being hit by...

Pep Rally held today, November 24

Darby Festa ('13)/Eastside Online Editor

November 25, 2010

Today, November 24, Cherry Hill East held it’s annual pep rally in anticipation of the football team’s homecoming game against West on Thanksgiving, November 25. The pep rally also concluded this year’s Spirit Week. The...

Students dress up for “Formal Friday”

Darby Festa ('13)/Eastside Online News Editor

November 19, 2010

Only today, November 19, 2010, could a student walk through the halls of Cherry Hill East fully decked out in their most dapper suits and elegant dresses without receiving questioning looks from their peers. That is because today...