mc chris brings Nerdcore to new levels in Philadelphia

Bryan Sheehan ('13)/ Eastside Underground Editor

July 21, 2012

Tuesday night at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, fans of Nerdcore music were treated with performances by Richie Branson, Powerglove and mc chris as part of the latter’s “Monster Hunter” tour. The night got off to a bit...

Blood drive has A-Positive effect on student body

Bryan Sheehan ('13)/Eastside Humor Editor

April 24, 2012

It may only be half over, but already a large number of students have come out to donate to benefit the American Red Cross in the school’s 12 annual Spring Blood Drive. “From what I’ve seen a lot of people need blood,...

The Battle for an Oscar: Moneyball

Bryan Sheehan ('13)/Eastside humor editor

February 26, 2012

Baseball movies are always either extremely good or terribly awful. In a good movie, like Bull Durham, humor, drama and realism are all incorporated nicely, and an instant classic is formed. On the other hand, in a movie like Roo...

Panchero’s night adds some spice to the week

Bryan Sheehan ('13)/Eastside Humor Editor

November 18, 2011

On Wednesday, November 16, Panchero’s hosted “Dollar Burrito Night”, and in two short hours it is estimated that over 600 people attended. “The line was out the door and down the street,” said Allen Parker (’13)...

Out of the vault; under the radar — Tony Hawk Underground

Bryan Sheehan ('13)/Eastside staff

May 24, 2011

With eleven skateboarding games, the first released in 1999, Tony Hawk and his ever-expanding series of awesome skating games are known and played by virtually everyone born in the last 25 years. With a new game being released...

Runners dig in around east

bryan sheehan ('13)/eastside staff

May 23, 2011

Today, East Principal Ron O’Schmeeza unveiled the school’s newest security feature; a twenty-foot deep moat encircling the school, complete with animal infested waters, a drawbridge and a black knight on horseback. The idea...

Wing Bowl 2011 Podcast

February 7, 2011

Bryan Sheehan ('13) interviews winner Erdong Chen ('11),  Therapon Georgiou (’14), Greg Frank ('13) and spectators during and after the Wing Bowl. Click below to download: Wing Bowl 2011...

Mog(wai)uls of Music: Mogwai stuns with new album

Bryan Sheehan ('13)/Eastside editorial assistant

January 19, 2011

  Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, the newest album from post-rock band Mogwai delivers nothing short of a musical journey throughout the songs. The album is made up of ten tracks, the majority of which are instrumental monste...


Bryan Sheehan ('13)/Eastside Editorial Assistant

November 19, 2010

Oi!: is not just an expression. Oi! is a subgenre of punk rock that emerged in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s. Oi!, also known as street punk, is a more gritty version of punk set out to express a more working-class view...

Allstar Weekend’s “Suddenly Yours” album review

Bryan Sheehan ('13)/ Eastside Editorial Assistant

November 8, 2010

I have never felt physically nauseous after listening to music. Granted, I am a harsh critic and I’ve listened to some horrible music, but I never thought there could be any music that could make me sick to my stomach, until...

Halo Reach preview

Bryan Sheehan ('13)/ Eastside Editorial Assistant and Bryan Sheehan ('13)/ Eastside Editorial Assistant

August 14, 2010

As the last installment in one of the most well known and widely played video game franchises, Halo Reach is poised to be a swan song of epic proportions. With the first three games setting sales records for the Xbox and Xbox...