Danny Naddeo

Danny Naddeo, Humor Editor

Danny Naddeo is the type of guy who isn't afraid of anything - except spiders, heights, human interaction, non-human interaction, sentient A.I., mole people, reptilian overlords, and the occasional space wizard. He is the type of guy who faces problems head on, but typically only after putting off said problems for about a week. When he's not getting buried alive in the Drama Department's Prop Room, which he is the lord and master of, he can be found making the worst puns ever. They are so bad that, instead of cracking them up, they are known to leave his hard-boiled audience scrambling to leave. His puns are not in the least bit eggcelent, and while he knows that everyone wants to see him poached for his puns, stopping himself from making puns has not been going over easy. He hopes one day to crack this rotten habit of his, white his wrongs, and be able to finally make better yolks.

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