Ten must-see games in the 2018-2019 NBA season


Courtesy of NBA.com

Jacob Kernis, Eastside Sports Editor

The schedule for the 2018-2019 NBA regular season was recently released, and it promises an abundance of interesting games that cannot be missed. The NBA season looks to offer emotional and intense games full of the best players on the planet. With multiple players going to different teams and old rivalries being renewed, here are the ten must-see games for the 2018-19 NBA season.

10. Thunder at Rockets (Christmas Day)

Two top western conference contenders meet for an intense games full of superstar talent. Watching Russell Westbrook going up against former teammate James Harden and Carmelo Anthony as well as Paul George and Chris Paul on opposite teams make for an exciting game.

9. Lakers at Trail Blazers (October 18)

LeBron’s Lakers make their debut against another western conference playoff contender in the Portland Trail Blazers. The Lakers, a team that has not made the playoffs in four years, now are a legitimate contender, having signed arguably the best player in the world during free agency. Their debut cannot be missed.

8. Lakers at Cavaliers (November 21)

LeBron James makes his return to Cleveland, which will result in an emotional game for both teams. Although the Cavaliers will likely not be great, seeing LeBron come home after leaving again should be very interesting.

7. 76ers at Lakers (January 29)

LeBron and the Lakers go up against one of the best upcoming teams in the East (and the team LeBron was close to signing to). Both games last season with the Lakers and Sixers were wildly entertaining, and now that LeBron is there, the interest in the Lakers has been raised.

6. 76ers at Celtics (October 16)

The two top contenders in the Eastern Conference face off for their first game of the NBA season. Their rivalry started last year as the Celtics, without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, destroyed the 76ers in five games. With Kyrie and Hayward now coming back from injuries, the game will be a first look at the road to the finals.

5. Raptors at Spurs (January 3)

Kawhi Leonard makes his return to San Antonio with his new team after a previous season full of drama. Also, former Raptors’ star DeMar DeRozan plays against his old team, which traded him away when he loved the team and the city. Both teams will be very emotional and it should be an intense, hard-fought game.

4. Lakers at Celtics (February 7)

LeBron going up against Kyrie Irving and the Celtics will make for an interesting game. With LeBron going to the Lakers, the rivalry between Boston and LA is once again renewed, and the matchups are very interesting.

3. Warriors at Rockets (November 15)

The two team top contenders in the Western Conference face each for their first time after last season’s hard-fought seven-game series. Both teams are back with their core players, but the Rockets have added Carmelo Anthony. Although it could be an early showing of the Western Conference finals, DeMarcus Cousins will not be playing in this game.

2. Lakers at Warriors (Christmas Day)

Whenever we get a chance to see LeBron play the Warriors, it is must-see NBA basketball. LeBron’s Lakers will match up against the defending champs for their first time and it could very well be a first look at a future playoff matchup. This game will be full of emotion and both teams will be playing their hardest to beat one another.

  1. Warriors at Celtics (January 26)

This matchup between the top team in both conferences could easily be a finals matchup. As the Celtics get Kyrie and Gordon Hayward back along with their young pieces, they could give the Warriors a strong fight.