Girls basketball expecting another great season

The girls basketball team at Cherry Hill East in years past has held an excellent record, and this year should be no different. Last year, their record was 18-8, and they are hoping this year to be consistent.

The team, excluding the freshman team, this year includes 21 players on junior varsity and varsity. While last year’s team included seven seniors, this year there are only three: Mariana Boguski (’09), Gabi Crowe (’09) and Cat Tadeja (’09). All three agreed that the team would probably be better this year because the team’s chemistry is well-balanced. (Most of this year’s team consists of juniors). Kyra Holiday (’10), Kim Regan (’10) and Genevieve Boisvert (’10) are all juniors this year, that started last year as sophomores.

“We will be better this season because last year we had two dominant players. This year, we play more as a team,” said Kim Regan (’10). Regan has been playing basketball since second grade.

The team also contains Genevieve Boisvert (’10) and Marie Boisvert (’11), two key players who bring sisterly love to the team. Genevieve started last year, and Marie, as a freshman, skipped over playing on the freshman team to play for junior varsity and even a couple varsity games. No freshman this year accomplished that. However, Coach Keyack said if any of the freshman players showed potential throughout the season, those players may move up to junior varsity.

The varsity team’s coaches are Kim Keyack and Dennis Smith. Over the past ten years, Coach Keyack has turned the whole program around. The first year she started, the team’s record was 4-19. Through her coaching career at East, the team has gone to state finals two years in a row and won the conference, with a 26-3 record that same year.

The East girls team plays in the tough Olympic conference. Each year, there are six good teams who are able to win it. The team does not play cross-town rivals Cherry Hill West in this conference, due to a disparity in school size. The last game the rivals played against each other was a few years ago. However, Cherry Hill East girls basketball team is focusing on winning their conference this year and maybe going on to state finals, rather than worrying about West.

“There is definitely some potential,” said Keyack. “We’re pretty hopeful.”

This is Coach Dennis’ sixth year coaching for East. He has definitely seen improvement in the team’s record and the program itself since becoming varsity coach.

“I’m very excited for this season. For me, last year I got hurt, so [this season] is a good chance to hang out [with the team],” said Amanda Morgan (’11).

Most of this year’s team has been playing with each other on travel teams, middle school and these past few years of high school, which contributes to how close the girls truly are. That friendship is reflected on the court.

The girls’ first scrimmage was Saturday against St. Joe’s, which East won after playing six quarters with the score being reset each quarter.

The girls’ first game is Friday, December 19 against Lenape. Last year, East won the home game against Lenape and lost the away game to Lenape. The whole team wishes everyone who’s able to do so to please attend.

“The East girls basketball [team] is underrated, and we end up having great seasons,” said Mariana Boguski (’09).