Coach of the Month: Football Coach Coen

Abigail Richman, For Eastside

Mr. Coen has been coaching football at Cherry Hill High School East for 24 years. He played football as a kid when he went to East and now is back as a coach. He says he is very lucky to have had a chance to come back. He was the head coach in 1994 and assistant coach 3 years prior to that.

Coen started playing football at 7 years old and continued from there. When he was in high school, Coen played football, baseball and wrestling. But when he moved on to college, Coen decided to show his passion for football.

Coen decided to coach football at Cherry Hill East because he says, “I got the fever.” He got injured in college, but still decided to keep playing and coaching after that. He enjoyed playing football; it was every thing he did that made him continue to coach for the East Cougars. By coaching the boys, Coen says he sees the players grow and develop. Not just enjoying them win, but to see their satisfaction and dedication to the team really inspires Coen to continue coaching.

“I love to watch them grow,” he says. His favorite part about coaching is the preparation before the games. He loves the intense energy he sees from the boys. Not only does Coen love to teach the boys, but he also likes finding their weaknesses to help them learn how to overcome their mistakes.

Coen’s favorite memory at East so far is three years ago when the football team played Cherokee. It was 57-56 double overtime and East won. He says it was a great feeling. Aside from football Coen loves to cook and play golf.