Cherry Hill East Dance Team to shine at Regionals

While twenty-four girls from all four grades are a part of East’s Dance Team, only the varsity team, which is comprised of fourteen girls, will compete in the upcoming competition.  Last April, the Varsity Dance Team won the National Hip-hop Championships at the Hershey Park ECDA Nationals, and they hope to have the same luck at the regional competition this year.

“Last year was such a great accomplishment with our first place at nationals…we’re just hoping we do just as good this year,” Shabani Ahluwalia (’09) said.

This year, the Dance Team will compete to a mix of the songs “Ring the Alarm” by Beyonce, “So Excited” by Janet Jackson, and “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake.

Cherry Hill West’s Dance Team will also be competing at the upcoming ECDA regional, heightening the competition.  Although West’s Dance Team beat East’s Dance Team last year, the members of East’s Dance Team feel they have a good chance of being the victor this year.

“We put up a hard fight last year against West, but this year we have a much better chance of beating [West] because we’ve been working really, really hard every week.  We also have a really good mix of songs and a strong team this year.  I hope we’re going to do good, and I really think we can beat West,” Shelby Specter (’09) said.

East’s Dance Team works hard at practice for two hours a day, three days a week, and they hope all of their dedication results in a win at the ECDA Regional Competition.