Bleeding Green: East Students Take On the Eagles Victory Parade

February 13, 2018

On February 4th, the Philadelphia Eagles made history by winning  Super Bowl 52 – the team’s first Super Bowl win ever. Millions flicked to Philadelphia the Thursday after to celebrate with their beloved team, including much of the east population. To commemorate this occasion, East students shared their photos, videos, and thoughts of the parade with Eastside. Stay tuned for updates!!


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Greg Rothkoff: Experiencing the rush of pride as an Eagles fan

That parade was electric. #FlyEaglesFly

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To be quite honest, I went to the Eagles Super Bowl parade with low expectations. There were going to be millions of people in the crowd, all trying to get the best view. I’m not such big a fan of being bunched up against people. Especially with the crowds that had been broadcasted all over social media, I was not planning on having the best day of my life.

After walking miles from the hotel I had stayed at the night before with my Dad and twin brother, we arrived at the intersection of Broad and Walnut Streets. The crowd was already backed up from Broad Street to a few hundred feet in the opposite direction. Getting a good view from standing in the street was not going to be possible.

To gain a better vantage point, the three of us climbed up to a first floor window guard rail, about five feet off the ground. After waiting around 30 minutes for the procession to get to my view, my hope for a fun day grew dimmer. But, when I saw Doug Pederson holding the Lombardi trophy, I felt the same way that every single Eagles fan felt that day. A chill ran through my body and I felt purely proud to be an Eagles fan.

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Check out these awesome pictures from the parade!

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Jared Fisch: Numb in my toes, but fire in my heart

Like any other Thursday during the school year (besides Thanksgiving), I was up at the crack of dawn, but this time, it wasn’t to roll out of bed and go to East; instead, I was going to the beautiful city of brotherly love…Philadelphia. By seven in the morning I was out of my house and on my way to the Woodcrest PATCO station where I found myself in the back of an enormous, snaking line throughout the parking lot. After about an hour of waiting, during which I chanted “E-A-G-L-E-S…EAGLES!” at least ten times, I was in and ready to board the train.

The history of this team, the comradery of this city and the sweet victory that so many rejoiced in filled me with warmth even though it was below freezing.”

— Fisch

The train took me to 9/10th & Locust St., where I was immersed in a sea of green. I walked a little under ten blocks to get to Broad Street, passing a countless number of tables where Eagles merchandise was being sold. I finally got to Broad Street and found myself too far back to see anything, so I made my way south towards Lincoln Financial Field (the starting point of the parade). Just a few blocks down I found the perfect spot…basically second row of people behind the barriers. I was behind a family that had been there since five in the morning, they even set up their own makeshift bathroom consisting of a tent and a bucket inside (they charged five dollars for one to use it…quite the entrepreneurial spirit). I got to talking with Casey Ferris, a 28 year-old Eagles fan who was with this family. His father has been a season ticket holder for around 40 years. This conversation opened my eyes and showed me that this was more than a celebration of the Super Bowl champions, it was a celebration of adversity and perseverance through 52 years of losing, but most importantly, family. Families like this and others across the world celebrated this long-awaited championship. They celebrated for those who couldn’t, for those who passed, for those who were sick and for many more.

“Dilly Dilly” rang out through the air, not just from the millions of screaming fans, but from the planes painting it in the sky above. Laughs and chants were had before the parade even came to the corner of Broad and Locust.

My toes were numb and my fingers were stinging, but the parade was finally approaching. Hundreds of police officers on bikes rode through the street leading the procession. Then the buses of players came and it gave me the chills. Seeing a team of guys that I knew by name, that I yelled at through the television all season were smiling right in front of me. It really hit me when I saw players with their kids and Jay Ajayi alongside LeGarrette Blount walking just feet in front of me. I was filled with such a strange mix of emotions that I never felt before. Just days ago, I mocked my friend for crying after the Super Bowl win, but now I was on the verge of tears for reasons unknown. The history of this team, the comradery of this city and the sweet victory that so many rejoiced in filled me with warmth even though it was below freezing.

Now, the festivities are over, the players are at home with family, the clean-up crews are out but something in my heart feels different, my heart no longer pumps red and white blood cells through my veins…only green. Fly Eagles Fly!

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Adam Dashevsky: Waiting our whole lives for this

The parade was incredible. To see the city come together for one thing was an amazing sight. It was also a great bonding experience with my dad who has been waiting for this day his whole life. Hopefully I’ll be able to do this again next year and the year after that. Go Birds!

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Bird’s Eye View

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