The East Girls Basketball 1969-1970 championship trophy (Andrew Maier ('20))
The East Girls Basketball 1969-1970 championship trophy

Andrew Maier ('20)

A Tour of the Trophy Case…

January 26, 2019

The window is vast and crowded and unmistakable, bursting with pride.

Cherry Hill High School East’s main trophy case is situated directly across from the student entrance, marking an unmistakable first impression for dozens of sleepy students, waiting parents, and visiting athletes every day. Since East opened in the early 1970s, a wide range of athletic achievements have been immortalized in gold-plated steel and sleek wooden frames and housed in the main case, creating an intense display.

Drama awards and towering glass plaques toted home from band festivals flank the walls of D-Wing, esoteric NFL memorabilia and stainless steel rooks from old chess tournaments stand sentinel beside the A-Wing doors. The back half of a little storage room beneath the stairs in the DiBart gym houses yet another trove of older trophies, mainly swim team sectional plaques with a few dusty dance trophies, little gold figurines cracked and askew atop their podiums. And yet, even with the separation of East’s various athletic awards into these extra categories, the main trophy case remains packed at best and overwhelming at worst.

The next time you’re out in front of the trophy case, stop for a minute and look at what has been chosen to go on display to students and strangers alike. Notice the place of reverence left for the ever-absent East-West homecoming game Boot trophy, for instance, while thousands of other existing statuettes molder beneath DiBart. Check out that giant memorial softball tournament plaque in the back corner that looks as if it weighs more than the average freshman. Notice how impressive regional, sectional and collegiate titles share space evenly with individualized student achievements, personal records drawn onto footballs and basketballs and turned into awards in their own right.

In the meantime, though, Eastside has compiled a tour of the trophy case, highlighting some of its major awards, its biggest names, and what East’s trophy collection can tell us about the most successful sports through the year. Browse through the graphics below to learn more.

Highlights of trophies over the decades

Baseball and Basketball over time


Infographic by Sophie Levine (’19)

Cherry Hill East basketball has a rich history filled with everything from victory to defeat and everything in between. Names like Chris Santo (‘11), Nick and Tom Katsikis (‘86) and Jake Silpe (‘15) fill the record books. Eleven different Cougars have scored over 1000 points in their careers, with 32 different Cougars scoring 400 or more points in one season. Today, the Cougars build off of the success that their predecessors left for them. The Cougars were New Jersey Group IV Finalists in the 2014-2015 season. Here are some important numbers that line the East record books.


Since the beginning of the Cougars baseball organization, the program has been littered with stud athletes and great teams. The program has nine Conference championships and three South Jersey Group IV Championships. Also, in 1992, the Cougars were ranked fifth in the nation being the highest ranked team in any East sport. Throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, the Cougars were extremely successful with eight of the Conference and all three of the Group IV Championships. Esteemed Coach Dave Martin led the Cougars to nine conference titles over 32 years and compiled a record of 502-268. Throughout the program’s tenure, they have won several championships and have lots of accomplishments, while being one of the most successful and recognizable sports at Cherry Hill East.

High Scorers

Trophy Case “Superlatives”

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