East hosts the PSATs with COVID-19 precautions


East students took the PSATs on October 14th but with necessary regulations and guidelines.

The time of the school year is here- PSATs. PSATs are the yearly fall tests taken by sophomores and juniors to prepare for their upcoming exam of the SATs.

“PSATs will work the same as in previous years. It is offered on Wednesday, October 14th at 7:30 AM during the school day,” says Dr. Perry, Cherry Hill East High School principal.

Dr. Perry adds the factor the recent virus plays in this year’s unusual difference. In the previous years, all 10th and 11th graders were to report and take the test in school, but this term provided the option of whether to take the test or not.

By opting to take the exam, the environment for all students is ensured with safety precautions and guidelines. These conditions enforced by the state of New Jersey are to be followed within the rooms of East regarding social distancing, masks, and screen testing. Rooms would be limited to less students, to be able to be ordered in their own space of safe distance from peers.

As safety measures are taken well care of by all administrators, Dr. Perry encourages all students taking the exam this school year and highlights the benefits of the PSATs for student growth and learning.

“You’re the only person that will see your scores, and they are meant to provide personalized feedback on areas of strength and areas of improvements for future testing,” Dr. Perry says.

The principal views this year’s test through positive lenses and a learning opportunity. Although COVID precautions persist, the experience of taking the PSAT will soon benefit and improve academic performance for the future.

Dr. Perry gives his support to all his students and reminds them, “[The] PSAT is a great opportunity to practice for the SATs, but there is no need to stress, it’s just practice!”