For many, texting simply can’t wait

Hallway traffic between classes has always been difficult to navigate at East. With more than 2,000 students changing classes at the same time, it appears that this hallway highway is here to stay.

But lately, it has gotten more complicated, as East scholars are travelling recklessly with their heads down peering at their smart phones. Just how many texts can be sent and received in 4 minutes anyway? My personal best is six. It really tests the ad campaign “it can wait” and brings it to a whole new level. But apparently, for our generation, “it can’t wait” when it comes to a brief 4 minutes of time within our stressful school day. It is hard to imagine that our generation would want to give up this privilege.

One must remember that we have had this technology at our fingertips from a very early age. What might seem excessive to adults is quite normal for us. Just think about how much texting might be required after school had we not had the opportunity of about 32 minutes a day to catch up with one another.  The hallway texting really allows us the opportunity to take care of small matters with a quick text without having to think about it throughout the entire day.

For me, texting in the hallways has been great so far this year. Perhaps as a freshman, I am especially appreciative of this extra freedom. But it’s likely that no matter your class year, texting gives you the chance to get things off your plate without having to hold onto lots of different distracting thoughts throughout the long day. The new texting rules, which provide for red and green zones, make it easy for students to text and be East scholars all at the same time.