Warmer weather lets Quidditch Club play outdoors

On Tuesday, March 2, because of the warmer weather conditions, twenty Quidditch Club members were eager to have their first outdoor Quidditch game since December. Before starting the game, members gathered in room C317 to split into teams, decide positions, like the “snitch”, and inform new players of the rules of Quidditch. After gathering their proper Quidditch equipment, club members assembled at the tennis courts with brooms at hand and hoops set in place. 

Once the game commenced, Quidditch club members emulated the Harry Potter inspired sport, with the only difference being a lack of magical powers to defy gravity.

“[Quidditch] gets pretty competitive once we’ve split into groups and start getting into the game,” said co-founder of the Quidditch Club, Vivian Qin (’11).

Members of Quidditch Club enjoy the unique game for its ability to allow them to connect with others with similar Harry Potter obsessions and to simply have a good time.

“[Playing] the game of Quidditch is an interesting thing to do because it’s a fun game that lets minds enter a wizardly world,” said Dan Desrochers (’11), a frequent Quidditch player.

Overall, this Quidditch Club meeting proved to be popular compared to the previous meetings throughout the winter season.

Allison King (’11), a co-founder of the club, said that with the freezing weather conditions and a snow storm that cancelled the club’s February meeting, Quidditch Club has not had many opportunities to play outside or gather a sufficient amount of players, so Tuesday’s meeting, because of the decent weather, ended in a successful outdoors game.