Tug-of-war winner to be decided at Wednesday’s pep rally

The classes tugged over another Spirit Week victory in the Dibart Gym tonight, November 24 at 7:30 p.m.

The junior girls, swept away by both the freshmen and the sophomores, placed fourth overall. The sophomores came out with one win against the juniors, but took third overall due to their loss against the seniors.

The freshman boys placed fourth after losing to the sophomores and the juniors. The sophomores took third with a victory against the freshmen and a loss to the seniors.

 First and second places for both the males and the females are still up for grabs on Wednesday, the 26th, at the pep rally in the Dibart Gym.

Student Activities Coordinator Mr. CJ Davis says, “We’re finishing it at the pep rally because we want to try and increase school spirit.”

The decision to postpone the final rounds of the championship until Wednesday was controversial, but Davis says, “the SGA and the officers talked and decided together that it was a good idea, even though others may feel that it is not.”

First and second place winners will be determined at the pep rally on Wednesday, November 26.