The French exchange students end their visit to America

On Tuesday, March 2, the French exchange trip came to an end as the French students boarded the bus to return home. There was a final party after school which all who were part of the exchange attended. This included the parents of the host-families, the French students and the students of the French club who were also in attendance. The French students had many positive things to say about their experiences in the United States, many of them here for the first time.

When asked about the difference in the treatment of people in France versus those in the United States, Juliette Gootjes said, “There is a prejudice that French people are rude but they are not. Everyone, [however], is really polite here. It’s so different. The criticisms are stronger in France. You can tell someone you don’t want to be [their friend],” said Gootjes.

Along with manners, another aspect of teenage life is very different in France. Some students were also shocked at the student teacher relationship that students share in the United States.

“[In France], there is no eating in class, no talking with friends, or especially to the teachers. There are a lot of lectures,” Gootjes said.

Joseph said, “I don’t want to go back! I want to stay here!” This may be because in France, the school day can go from 8 am to 5 pm.

“Here, school is a place for love. There are sports, activities, and everything. In France, school is just a building- no wing bowls!” Gootjes joked about East.

When asked of their favorite day in the States, they all exclaimed, “New York!” where the students saw the statue of liberty and visited museums.

The food in the United States is another major difference, which the students experienced. When asked if the students missed their food, many said “No!” Among their new favorite foods are cakes and cupcakes; however, they do miss their French bread.

One thing they will not miss, are the radio stations here.

“I was changing the radio station and I heard Lady Gaga three times!” Gootjes said.

The majority of the East students who housed these French students will be going to France over spring break to stay with the French exchange student who just stayed at their houses.