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The 2019 Wing Bowl in review

February 16, 2019

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The 2019 Wing Bowl in review

Roberto Sul defends his Wing Bowl title in his second appearance.

Roberto Sul defends his Wing Bowl title in his second appearance.

Courtesy of Maddy Costello ('20)

Roberto Sul defends his Wing Bowl title in his second appearance.

Courtesy of Maddy Costello ('20)

Courtesy of Maddy Costello ('20)

Roberto Sul defends his Wing Bowl title in his second appearance.

Cherry Hill East’s second annual Wing Bowl competition took place on Friday, February 8, in the Dibart Gym. Roberto Sul (‘19) earned the title, “two-time Wing Bowl eating champion” by eating a total of 58 wings.

Mr. Christopher Caskey came in second place after losing the tie-breaking round. Caskey and Sul both ate 58 wings.

Cherry Hill East Wing Bowl legend, Mr. Rick Friedman, helped to referee the event.

Four intense rounds decided the winner of the Wing Bowl. The first round featured all contestants and lasted six minutes. Each round gradually got shorter, allowing for fewer wings to be eaten.

The night was eventful and entertaining from the very beginning. Between upbeat songs such as “I Got a Feeling” and “Finesse,” an interactive MC and the excitement flowing through the room, the night was truly a success.

The wings were provided by the Jug Handle on Route 73 in Maple Shade. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Cherry Hill Food Pantry as SGA and East strives to help the community.

Now it’s time to meet the contestants…

Name: Tim Ackerman (‘22),  Nickname: McNugget,  Favorite Wing Flavor: Garlic Parmesan

Ackerman was the only freshman competing in the competition, but he’s not a first-time food competitor. Ackerman is the Freshman Class President and plays football for East. His strategy was to avoid eating all day to save his appetite.

He said, “To describe my performance tonight, I’d rate it slightly above average. I’d grade it a B-.”


Name: Rohan Arige (‘21), Nickname: Chocolate Thunder

Arige participates in track and field. He was ready to outrun the competition.

 Arige said, ”I  just wanted to make it to the second round, so I was trying my best to eat fast. I was only two wings behind the person who made it into the third round.”


Name: Mason Bulicki (‘21), Favorite Wing Flavor: As hot as it gets

Bulicki’s strategy was to stay away from drinking water and focus on the wings. The way he walked in was eye catching, with him and his entourage wearing “Mase Way Or No Way” T-shirts. He ate fifteen wings, which wasn’t enough to move on to round two. Bulicki competed in last year’s Wing Bowl.

He said he’s “[ready for] next year.”


Name: Mr. Caskey

Mr. Caskey has been teaching Spanish for three years at East. Winning a wing eating contest in 1998 in Oswego Country, New York, he was ready to dominate again. Caskey ate 58 total wings, the same number as the winner, but lost due to the tie breaker round.


Name: Mrs. DeWitt

Mrs. DeWitt was announced as this year’s mystery teacher. She walked out in a cow suit and Chick-Fil-A sign. She ate 10 wings in the first round but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to moooove on to round two.


Name: Anthony Fiore (‘19) Nickname: The Italian Stallion, Favorite Wing Flavor: Mild or Hot.  

Fiore entered the gym dressed as Rocky and entered to the accompaniment of the Rocky theme song.

“My nickname has been “Rock” since I’ve been eight years old which derived from my love of the Rocky movies. I’m also very Italian so it was pretty easy to come in as the Italian Stallion,” he said.

Fiore said he felt hungry and “hype” going into the Wing Bowl. He also competed in last year’s Wing Bowl.


Name: Anthony Gambino (‘19), Nickname: Childish Gambino, Favorite Wing Flavor: Mild

Gambino has prepared for this competition year round.

“I tried expanding my stomach by eating big meals throughout the week leading up to it. And on the day of the competition I drank a lot of water and didn’t eat all day,” he said. “I decided to use Childish Gambino in honor of the rapper who uses that name.”


Name: Herr Graff,

Three year German teacher at East, Herr Graff, was ready to give Wing Bowl a shot.


Name: Charlie Hess (‘19), Favorite Wing Flavor: Victory

Hess came to the competition dressed in a suit. He was eliminated after the first round after barely finishing one wing. Hess used utensils such as a fork and knife to cut up his chicken wing.

Hess said his strategy going into the competition was to look as classy as possible.


Name: Jake Hoffman (‘19), Nickname: The Entertainer

Hoffman is a returning member of the East Wing Bowl eating competition. He participates in drama and the vocal department at East. Hoffman wore a suit to make a good impression on all the chicks he was about to eat.


Name: Feng Huang (‘19), Nickname: N/A, Favorite Wing Flavor: The ones you have to sign a waiver to try

This was Huang’s very first eating competition, but that didn’t stop him from devouring those wings. His strategy was to drink lots of water and stop eating a full 30 hours before the competition. Huang said he felt motivated by referring to the prize at the end in his head.

Huang said, “I was feeling hungry and ready for [the] wings, ya dig?”

Huang made it to the second round and was one wing away from the third round. He ate a total of 33 wings.


Name: Nick Kokolis, Nickname: The Greek Freak, Favorite Wing Flavor: Chipotle BBQ

Kokolis and his entourage walked out in all blue everything: hats, costumes and face paint. He must not have been too blue to win third place with a total of 53 wings.

“I honestly wasn’t expecting to get third … it was a fun experience,” he said.

Kokolis says he watched YouTube tutorials, fasted for a long period of time before hand and kept hydrated.


Name: Kevin Lochbihler (‘20), Nickname: KD, Favorite Wing Flavor: Medium

Lochbihler prepared for many weeks before the competition, even doing research to find the best way to dominate in the competition. He ate 15 wings during the Wing Bowl.

“I just ate as much as I could without wanting to throw up,” Lochbihler said.


Name: Mr. McVeigh, Nickname: C-Boogie

McVeigh has little experience in the food eating competition world. He coaches three sports at East including boys volleyball, girls soccer and boys basketball. McVeigh was ready to score a win at the competition, but unfortunately didn’t eat enough wings to outshine his competitors.


Name: Daniel Obeid (‘21),  Nickname: The Eater

Obeid started off strong in round one with 20 wings. This was his first food eating competition, but he sure held his ground.


Name: Saurabh Shah (‘19), Favorite Wing Flavor: Hot and Sweet

Shah practiced a lot before the competition, eating over 20 wings less than an before the real Wing Bowl took place. He only ended up eating two final wings in the actual competition. He was introduced with Hess and their costumes were a pair of tuxedos.

“The ambiance was okay. I prefer live music, but the candle-lit table made up for it. The food was good, but I was upset when the waiter told me they were out of the shellfish. I expected more variety from the menu,” he said.


Name: Tyler Semon (‘21), Nickname: Semon the Seaman, Favorite Wing Flavor: Hot

Semon went into the competition blindsided, never eating in a food eating competition before. He didn’t prepare much and said he shouldn’t have eaten before he got there. Semon said he came up with nickname thinking of words that rhyme with his last name.


Name: Roberto Sul (‘19), Nickname: Big Bert, Favorite Wing Flavor: PJs Sweet Chilli

“Being the two time winning champion feels great emotionally, but not physically,” Sul said.

Sul being not only a first place winner, but also a fan-favorite, said the hardest part was being sick and eating all those wings. Sul said he felt motivated to keep eating from all the competitors.


Name: Christian Torres (‘20), Nickname: The Filipino Flash

“It’s motivation that you gotta get back up when your down” Torres said about his defeat.


Name: Erica Tran (‘20), Nickname: YungRika

Small but mighty, Tran ate her way past her competitors. She made it past round one but not to the finals. She wanted to live by the “you are what you eat” saying and came dressed in a chicken suit.


Name: Sara Zheng (‘20), Nickname: Surah


Zheng participated in the East Wing Bowl yet again. Her go-to places are Chick-Fil-A, Pancheros and burger places. She said she loves eat some food.

Back to the competition…

In between rounds, selected audience members came down to the gym floor to participate in games. After the first round, a whipped cream eating contest occured, leaving Robby Fleischer (‘22) victorious.

After the second quarter, a three point contest took place where the crowd tried to throw half-court baskets for a gift card, but unfortunately everyone missed their shot.

The final contest was a floor scooter relay. In teams of two, the groups scootered in a fast-speed competition. Paul Bruce (‘20) and Aliza Kotzen (‘20) dominated in the competition.

As each round began, the contestants hurried to finish as many wings as they could. Prizes were given out that night to the winners. Sul in first place won $100, Mr. Caskey in second won $75 and Kokolis in third won $50.

Overall, the night was a success. Many people came out to support their friends and to have a good time.

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