Sustainable Cherry Hill East teaches seniors at Saltzman House how to conserve energy

Sustainable Cherry Hill East, a club that stems from the township program Sustainable Cherry Hill, promotes energy efficiency in the community.  Today after school, club members gathered at The Raymond & Gertrude R. Saltzman House, a senior housing unit of the Jewish Federation next to the JCC, to teach the seniors how to preserve energy.

After a few weeks preparation, the club members presented posters illustrating ways to become more energy efficient and handed out a “top ten sheet.”  Tips included using fans in lieu of air-conditioning, turning off lights in vacant rooms, and unplugging items not being used.  The club also gave seniors compact fluorescent light bulbs and showed them examples of aluminum bottles and reusable bags.

There were about 45 seniors at the meeting, organized by Nadene Harris, the director of the house’s activities.  At the end the seniors enjoyed a question-and-answer session and complimentary apple juice and donuts.

“I thought it was well-done on a level where everyone could understand what they were saying,” said Bea Greenberg, a resident of the Saltzman House.

Sustainable Cherry Hill East typically meets twice a month and has eight members.  They have worked on promoting the no car idling law and helped with Project Porch Light.  Future plans include sending reused books to a school in South America.  They have their second bake sale this Tuesday after school.

See Mariel Rothman (’10) or Devon Braunstein (’10) for more information or visit the township website,