Students help Sandy Hook with snowflakes


Dylan Fingerman ('13), Eastside Radio Manager

Some of the Art Department has chosen to participate in a project, called The Snowflake Project, to make snowflakes for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The school, which was the victim of a major shooting spree, has been closed, and the students relocated.

Several schools across the nation have endeavored to make the students’ return to school easier and now East has been invited to help. Mrs. Bernadette Buote’s classes, Mrs. Christine Miller’s classes and Mrs. Cathie Morgan’s classes all pitched in to make around 300 snowflakes, which are a plain white color and were not allowed to have words on them, that were sent to Newtown.

Though most people were left in sorrow, Morgan said, “it was a great way to feel like [the students] could help out.”