Students dress up for “Formal Friday”

Only today, November 19, 2010, could a student walk through the halls of Cherry Hill East fully decked out in their most dapper suits and elegant dresses without receiving questioning looks from their peers. That is because today was “Formal Friday”, the second day of Spirit Week, in which students don formal attire. The students who participate are tallied in homeroom, and the class with the most participation wins points.

This explains why students such as Amy Griffith (’12) and Colleen Thompson (’11) were both adorned in dresses and high heels today.

However, Thompson said that not many students dress up, and that Cherry Hill East is lacking school spirit overall.

Griffith said, “[School spirit] is very, very low.”

Thompson participates every day, but said her favorite day this year was “College Day”, in which she wore Penn State paraphernalia. Griffith said her favorite day was college day.

Justin Chen (’13), another student who dressed up, said, “My favorite day is any day I can wear a tie”.

Jess Macintosh ('13) participated in Formal Friday