Watch videos of all four Spirit Week dances

Eastside Editorial Board

One side of the gym was not enough seating for tonight’s Spirit Week Dance crowd, as hundreds upon hundreds watched the culmination of multiple weeks of preparation in the form of four Spirit Week dances, one for each class.

Eastside is currently in the process of editing and uploading four videos, ten minutes each, so keep checking back to this site to see them.

Videos by Brooke Weiss (’10)/ Eastside News/Features Editor with Cecilia Salvino (’10)/ For Eastside:

Seniors: (Note: the quality of this video is much lower than that of the others due to the darkness of the dance.  We are working on getting a better version.)
Check out this one by Justin Wachman (’10):




1st: Seniors
2nd: Juniors
3rd: Sophomores
4th: Freshmen