Sophomore Ring Assembly held Monday, November 8

The Sophomore Ring Assembly was held today, November 8 2010, during homeroom and a portion of first period in the auditorium. The event was hosted by a representative from Jostens, a company that specializes in class rings. First, a video promoting involvement in the school community was played for the students. Then the Jostens representative showed the process of creating a custom ring online. There will be a meeting for both parents and students to purchase a ring and explore ring options, such as a customized ring size, next week after school. Additionally, during lunch, students who were not able to attend the meeting will be able to purchase the ring. At the end of the meeting, forms to order rings were distributed, along with information regarding the class rings, and a blank index card. Students were instructed to write down their cell phone number and name for a raffle drawing for a free ring. Students will also receive texts about the future meetings and dates. Rings will be distributed at sophomore cotillion, as tradition dictates.