Seniors win the crab soccer competition during Spirit Week

Abigail Richman , Eastside Business Manager

On Friday November 18, all four grades came up against battle for the game of ‘Crab Soccer’. During lunch break one, ten boys and ten girls from each grade competed against each other, in which the seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen formed a square border in the gym. Each player received a number and when it was called out they had to crawl like a crab in the middle of the square to try to kick a huge ball over the other team’s side. The players on the sidelines, who were not in, were in charge of stopping the ball from going over their grades side. The object of the game was to get the other grade levels out by kicking the ball over their side three times. Once the ball had been kicked over three times, that grade was out.

The juniors began the game by kicking it over the sophomore side first. That brought the sophomores in last. As the grades battled back and forth, the juniors and seniors were the last ones standing. The seniors won, with the juniors in second, freshmen in third, and sophomores in fourth for the final outcome.