Seniors win Spirit Week!

This year’s pep rally contrasted with the gloomy weather of the day. The pep rally started with the drum line playing, marching band playing, and cheer leaders cheering as the grades gathered to their designated areas in the DiBart gym.

After the marching band played the Star-Spangled Banner as East stood up to turn toward the flag, the homecoming reps were announced. For the freshman class, Jordyn Elkan (’17) and Jake Cerota (’17) presented their banner. Robin Brown (’16) and Paul Crozier (’16) presented the sophomore’s class banner. For the junior class, Alex Molder (’15) and Alana Okun (’15) came out with their banner. And Cameron Butts (’14), Sarah Kahn (’14), Mikey Blatt (’14), and Gianna Palma (’14) presented the senior class banner.

It was announced that the freshman class won today’s red dress up. It was also announced that the seniors came in first place for food donations.

Athletes of Character were awarded on the Freshman, JV, and Varsity levels.

After Athletes of Character were rewarded, the seniors, juniors, and freshmen competed in the Tug-of-War competitions. The junior and senior girls battled and the senior girls won both times. The second round, the junior girls let go of the rope leaving the seniors girls on the floor and still victorious. The freshmen and senior boys competed leaving the senior boys winning.

All South Jersey Athletes were recognized as well as the Cross Country team. Mr. Davis then recognized all senior athletes and all seniors in the Drama department.

The football team made a team huddle, getting ready for tonight’s game.
The final results of Spirit Week were announced with freshmen in fourth place, sophomores in third place, juniors in second place and seniors in first place.