Seniors save the dress-up day!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s the seniors! Today, Monday, November 25, the seniors took first for superhero dress up day. There were plenty of Supermans and Batmans patrolling the hallways looking for danger. The sophomores side-kicked their way to second, and the juniors fell behind in third, while the freshmen failed to defend East from the villains of Cherry Hill and came in fourth.

Plenty of scholars went all out for superhero dress up day wearing capes, masks and even full body suits. The most common superheroes were Superman and Batman, but there were some Flashes, Captain Americas, Iron Men, and even Wonder Women.

“Superhero day was more SUPER than any other day,” said K. Li Dubois (’14).

Don’t forget to wear your camo for tomorrow’s dress up day.