Senior prom recap

There was quite a large showing of East’s senior class that came out to celebrate their Senior Prom on June 3. Everyone in attendance dressed their finest (see the Fashion Trends http://www.eastside-online……) when arriving around 6:30 at Merion Caterers in Cinnaminson. The theme of the prom was “classy”, as it was simply the colors black, red and white.

With over 570 guests, the dance floor was packed throughout the night under the red lighting of the ballroom. According to Mr. Jeff Killion, math teacher and prom chaperone, “the kids seem to all be having a good time are dancing in an ‘interesting way.’”

The atmosphere at prom was upbeat and lively. “I see people I don’t know and I’ve never talked to [but I] say hi [tonight]. I’m in that good of a mood,” said Daniella Castro (’10).

As an example of the intensity of the dance floor, Julia Susuni (’10) said, “I’m having fun because Adam Conn is sweating on me,” as other seniors also remarked of Conn’s enthusiasm and skill.

The reasons people were having such a great time varied. Kosta Vrontis (’10) said, “Just being around my friends I guess—that’s what’s fun [about prom].” But being with friends isn’t the only fun element of prom, Samantha Burns (’10) said, “It’s unity in our class.”

If the seniors were not dancing through the chaos on the dance floor, prom was still enjoyable. Zach Roomberg (’10) said, “I’m having fun because I’m not making a fool of myself.”

According to many, prom was a great way for the Class of 2010 to end their high school careers. As Kevin Tonczyczyn said, “It’s the best [senior memory] so far this year.”

Members of the senior class and their dates were served food ranging from salmon to salad, and for dessert– a congratulatory cake and a Neapolitan ice cream sundae bar.

Another special feature of this year’s senior prom was a photo booth located in the side room, where students could take pictures free of charge. These Polaroid strips were yet another way for prom guests to capture the memories of the night.

As seniors left at 10:30, they received the customary souvenir of a t-shirt, featuring the theme by being white with black writing and illustrating the class with a large outline of “2010” on the back.

Consummately, “the food was good, the music was good and the dance floor was bigger so it was more fun,” said Cara Berkowitz (’10).

The Class of 2010 certainly ended their year with class with a successful and nostalgic senior prom.