Senior Perspective: Paulomi Banerjee

I remember the warm breeze of late summer, the flickering fluorescent lights, the tiny lockers glossed with red paint, and the enthusiastic eagerness of those around me on our first day of high school. When I came into Cherry Hill East, I (like many other freshmen) did not know what I was doing. I was small, ambitious, and extremely naïve. I quickly joined many different clubs in order to fit in, make friends, and integrate myself into the school that was still foreign to me. Before long, I realized that just because there were various wonderful opportunities offered at East, one person could not do it all and yet I stuck to as many as I could because I knew I never wanted to leave with any “what ifs”.

I soon came to love my activities at East. Of course, at times, juggling them with the academic stress that is characteristic of the Honors and AP classes that always made up my schedule was quite difficult.  However, I have no regrets about my participation in East for the past four years. From the countless late nights spent finishing Model UN position papers, the days of physical exhaustion in preparation for multicultural day, the hours spent meticulously painting spirit week booths, planning for dances, and brainstorming with my peers for ways to improve, and the time I dedicated after school to tutor middle school students and more recently, for Cum Laude, I know that I have given my heart and soul into the school. Though it was a long journey (that is still going on), if I could, I would do it all over again. The people I have met and the memories I have made at this school will never be forgotten and I am so happy, looking back at my little freshman self, that I was open-minded from the beginning and not afraid to take risks. My experiences at East have made me bolder while being more flexible and have taught me to not stick to one clique, but rather float among all kinds of people so that I can understand them and thus, better understand myself.