Revisions to the bus procedure alters morning transportation

Busses will now drop students off near the annex.

Kat Maslak ('20)

Busses will now drop students off near the annex.

Story originally appeared in the 2020 February Issue

East plans to implement a new bus procedure to prevent student car accidents in the parking lots. This change will occur in February and only affects the morning procedure.

Mr. Lou Papa, Department Supervisor of Building Security, Campus Police, Buildings & Grounds and Discipline, said he researched methods to make drop-off easier for students and parents. He found information from a group of interns that devised a plan to keep students safe upon arriving at school.

“I worry there will be an accident,” Papa said when discussing the current bus procedure.

Papa also finds the morning arrival very unorganized, commenting on the “chaos that ensues at the front of the student entrance.”

Students whose parents are dropping them off in cars will now enter through the student entrance in the morning, as the main entrance will be reserved for injured students or any individual needing the ramp. The buses will now enter on the side of the Main Entrance and drop students off at the Library Annex doors before circling around the back end of the school to leave.

Administration plans to wait until the sun begins coming up earlier in the morning, as Papa said that it will be easier for students to adjust to the new modifications when it is not as dark out. He plans to inform parents who typically drop off their students with flyers, and hopes to get the word out efficiently.

Papa hopes that these adjustments will reduce accidents and overall be a safer way for students to arrive in the morning.