Quidditch Clubs meets in preparation for Harry Potter movie release

Quidditch Clubs meets in preparation for Harry Potter movie release

Cherry Hill East’s Quidditch club met today after school in C317 in honor of the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, at midnight.

For those unfamiliar with the fictional sport from the Harry Potter series, Quidditch consists

of two teams of seven. Each team has three chasers who have a ball called the quaffle and try to score on the opposing team’s hoops. Each team also has two beaters who use two balls, known as bludgers, to hit people on the opposing team that are carrying the quaffle. If a person is hit, the player must drop the quaffle and take a lap around the court. The game ends when the seeker (one on each team) successfully catches the snitch—which is taped on a person’s back.

Each member has a favorite position, but chaser and keeper were the top favorites, followed by snitch, beater and seeker.

Rachel Romm (’11) is always the referee and overrules any arguments in the game. “The game can’t go on without me,” said Romm.

The game is usually played on the tennis courts or on a field just for fun.

Despite the fact that East’s Chemistry club met across the hall in C318, Quidditch club had a great turnout with close to 25 members.

Presidents Vivian Qin (’11) and Allison King (’11) planned the meeting for today because of the seventh movie’s release.

“It’s like a psych party,” said King.

“We wanted to get everyone psyched for the movie,” said Qin. “[We made] this week Harry Potter week so everyday we wore something Harry Potter related.” Qin and King also quizzed each other on Harry Potter quotes throughout the week.

Active member Ashley Rivera (’11) said, “I bought a [Gryffindor] shirt, reread the book, and I came [to the meeting] to prepare myself.”

King also reread the seventh book this past week.

“I just didn’t sleep as much,” said King.

King also said she doesn’t think the movie will live up to the book but it will still be worth watching.

“I think it’ll be truer than the others have been,” said club member Mina Zakhary (’11).