ProgressBook glitch

pbookReceiving one’s schedule for the upcoming school year is an exciting event, but some students’ excitement recently turned to confusion when their schedules posted on ProgressBook suddenly disappeared.

While East staff input new information such as class sizes, staff and students for the 2009-2010 school year into the new program, a software glitch occurred which allowed students to access their unofficial schedules—which may be incorrect. Once the glitch was discovered, students were no longer allowed access to the information.

According to Mr. James Riordan, Director of Guidance, approximately 75-80% of the released schedules should be correct. “Many did not have correct counselor assignments and many homerooms [were incorrect]… PE/Health teachers had not been added” he wrote.

Official student schedules will be mailed out on or around August 14. “As of right now, using ProgressBook as the initial means of communicating schedules to students is not our practice,” Riordan wrote. However, in the future, the district will consider using ProgressBook as a means to give students their schedules to become even more environmentally friendly.