Mr. East Olympics score a perfect ten

The Canadians were lucky enough to host the 2010 Winter Olympics, but East students may have become even luckier on Friday, April 9, as they were the hosts of the amazing 2010 Mr. East Olympics.

After long hours of preparation, weeks in advance, the highly anticipated Mr. East show featured Alex Bendik (’10), Mike Davis (’10), Justin Henderson (’10), Mac McNellis (’10), Obi Onejeme (’10), Justin Parker (’10), Andrew Purcell (’10), Rishi Sarkar (’10), Francis Schmutz (’10) and Justin Singson (’10) at their best.

“It was flawless,” said Jungwon Byun (’10), chairlady of the event.

The contestants first paraded with their torches to open the ceremonies with a bang, beginning their opening dance routine. After the crowd became riled up from their dance moves, an MTV-themed video showcased each of the ten boys, as well as the four chairladies, Byun, Eliana Bennet (’10), Sarah Gurkin (’10) and Natalie Handali (’10).

Next came the true events: the talent acts. Each contestant performed a ten-minute show for the judges, in hopes of receiving the gold medal. Onejeme led the team with a compilation of Michael Jackson songs, which he lip sang, sang and danced to, accompanied by Janaire Hawkins (’10). Purcell followed with a modeling show, keeping along with his Zoolander theme, and a dance with his break-dance team buds. Sarkar tried out a few different talents, until his act concluded with a unique ballroom dance with partner Natasha Andriyanycheva (’10). Schmutz also danced, but in a very different fashion, surprising the audience with his incredible skill and choreography alongside his four fanny-pack pack. Henderson concluded the first act with some piano-playing, singing and a whole lot of lady help.

Davis opened up the second act after a 15-minute intermission to wow the audience with his witty stand-up comedy in his hilarious talk show. Parker then serenaded the audience with his beautiful voice. McNellis used his vocals, as well, smoothly rapping, after a little stand-up himself. Singson amazed the audience once again with an incredibly perfect mix of music clips strung together, which he sang with two friends and a guitarist. He, too, concluded with a dance, accompanied by Hawkins. Bendik concluded the talent acts with a skit and a creative song promoting his win.

The contestants then changed into their formalwear while a promotional video for Executive Clothiers played, featuring all of the candidates themselves, who were to be wearing the store’s clothing for the next section. The boys sported their formalwear alongside ten beautifully dressed escorts. All carried two flowers: one for their escorts and another for their mothers seated in the audience.

Lastly, the chairladies had all ten contestants line up on the stage for an impromptu question-and-answer event. Purcell was unable to answer his question due to a cell phone call from god. Schmutz admitted that he had not yet made it from boy to man. And Davis did not even answer his question, but managed to explain the process of making meat kosher.

The judges then submitted their scores, while the contestants linked arms in anticipation. The results left Bendik with the bronze medal, Davis with the silver medal and Singson proudly with the gold medal.

“It was such an honor to be in a competition with such great kids. I had a lot of fun. There were a lot more people here than at my Bar Mitzvah. It’s an honor to be in second place. Justin Singson was great,” said Davis.

The chairladies were also happy with the results. Bennet said, “It went really smoothly. The guys were great!” And Handali was even at a loss for words.

Bendik, excited about his third-place win, added, “It feels amazing. I’d like to thank everyone who helped me get this far.”

All the help from family, East students and faculty and other miscellaneous fans truly did help out the event, which raised a significant amount of money to help cure Muscular Dystrophy.

The competition featured the perfect ten, and deserved to score the same.