Mr. East Countdown: Mr. Duet – 9 days to go

Photo by Angie Pacitti (’13)/ Eastside Photo Editor.

This year, competing in the Mr. East competition, is Jonah Bannett (’13), a.k.a. Mr. Lets Duet. Mr. Lets Duet has participated in Mr. East acts in previous years and he is very excited to compete himself this year.

He said, “It’s a competition? Well, I’m gonna win!”

Mr. Lets Duet continued, “I am competing in Mr. East, so that more [babes] can hear my singing voice. Let’s face it, music is the only good thing at East and people need to know it.”

Mr. Lets Duet is a very active member of the vocal department. He is a member of Casual Harmony and East Singers. He also participates in the theater department. Mr. Lets Duet used to participate in the Orchestra at East as well.

Despite being in such prestigious groups, he also has time for his outside of school group called The Crooning Jonahs. The Crooning Jonahs is a singing group consisting of Jonah Bannett (’13), Jonah Levinson (’13), and TJ Bourne (’14). They sing in various places and can be most often found performing at Coffee Works in Voorhees.

Mr. Lets Duet said, “Even if I don’t win, which I will, considering I’m already famous, it doesn’t matter.”

Mr. Lets Duet claims that he is as great as the god, Adonis, and that his great powers will help him win the competition.

“I think I should win Mr. East because music is the best thing at East and I’m the best at music,” Mr. Lets Duet said.

In the future, Mr. Lets Duet plans on continuing his musical experience and expanding The Crooning Jonahs’ fan base.

He said, “Be prepared for the most beautiful, passionate, serenade ever.”

Come see him “duet right” at Mr. East on Friday, April 12 at 7 p.m.!