Mr. East Countdown: Mr. ¿Como Estas? – 2 days to go

Mr. East Countdown: Mr. ¿Como Estas? – 2 days to go

Brian Stomel (’13) isn’t in Mr. East for the fame and the fortune or the guts and the glory. He’s in it for the gift cards.

“I’m really trying to win a nice basket of gift cards, here,” he laughs. “But seriously, I have a good talent and a good chance to win,” Mr. ¿Como Estas? said.

Mr. ¿Como Estas? has been practicing diligently over the past weeks for the talent portion of the show, where he plans to host a talk show.

“I am doing a talk show and I am interviewing different people from East,” he explains. He plans to involve many different students in this talk show.

Photo by Angie Pacitti (’13)/ Eastside Photo Editor.

“I am finding out their stories,” he says.

It makes sense that Mr. ¿Como Estas? would want to involve the student population in his talent portion, as he is involved in many different activities here at East. He serves as the Vice President of the school, the Vice President of East in Action and as a FOP chairperson. Additionally, he participates in DECA and plays baseball. He also rallied with his class during spirit week—spending this time with his classmates was his favorite memory he’ll take away from East.

“Spirit Week was awesome and we won, which was great,” he said.

In this year’s competition, people can expect “some fanatics, some philanthropy and some good times” from Mr. ¿Como Estas?.

As for the future, Mr. ¿Como Estas? plans to attend the University of Maryland to study Mathematics and some different sciences. His long-term goal is philanthropy.

“I’ve always wanted to be a philanthropist. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s always been a goal of mine,” he said.

But for now, he is focusing on Mr. East and beating his fellow competitors.

“They should practice a lot and make sure that their act is perfect, because that’s what it’s going to take to beat me,” he said.