Mr. East Countdown: Mr. Cheese and Weinstock – Tonight!


Mr. East 2013 has a well diverse roundup this year, which includes contestant Greg Weinstock (’13), known as the smart and classy “Mr. Cheese & Weinstock.”

Mr. Cheese & Weinstock has been involved with Mr. East throughout his time in high school, since he has helped run it with SGA. This year, he finally gets to compete himself and is excited for the opportunity.

Mr. Cheese & Weinstock is far from the average student. In fact, he is quite the versatile student, who succeeds in taking all required and supplemental classes his senior year, including those rigorous AP classes. On top of his academia, Mr. Cheese & Weinstock manages extracurricular activities, such as SGA, Boys’ Soccer in the fall, Boys’ Lacrosse in the spring, Cum Laude Society and Debate Team.  Nothing short of impressive for Mr. Cheese & Weinstock.

Photo by Angie Pacitti (’13)/ Eastside Photo Editor.

Mr. Cheese & Weinstock takes a trip down memory lane, reflecting on his years at East in his classes. Weinstock’s favorite subject in school is History, specifically US History.

Mr. Cheese & Weinstock said, “My family is more of science people, so I guess it is a little more of an inner-rebellion… along with Mr. Rosenberg’s influence… I find it to be fascinating.”

Moreover, Mr. Cheese & Weinstock reminiscences about his favorite memory at East, which was during his senior year, in his marketing class, when “Mason Stevens, [his classmate], during his marketing presentation, called a CEO of an ad agency and had a conversation with him.”

Mr. Cheese & Weinstock characterized it as “a pretty comedic moment.”

When asked about his collegiate plans, Mr. Cheese & Weinstock was not sure, but he remains optimistic, as he looks to “explore” to find what he wants to pursue in his future. However, Weinstock sees his leadership experience as a benefit for his college and post-college years.

Although, on a lighter note, Mr. Cheese & Weinstock envisions that in ten years “every three weekends, [he will be] throwing cocktail parties, wearing a tux of course, with a very fancy butler, having people come over for appetizers—definitely mini hot dogs,” along with any music that is “anything appropriate for a classy cocktail party, where piano is encouraged.” Mr. Cheese & Weinstock admits “that’s the life.”

Furthermore, Mr. Cheese & Weinstock imagines if he were to live on a deserted island, he would bring what he believes are his most three essential things in life: a water purification system, a tuxedo—admitting that he must “keep it classy”, and sparkling apple cider. Along with some sparkling cider, Weinstock’s ideal “Wawa” sandwich is “a classic 10 inch turkey with lettuce on a long roll, with a little mustard, onions, and banana peppers.”

Mr. Cheese & Weinstock claims that “[he] respects the [Mr. East] event too much to not dress up for it,” so without a doubt, Mr. East 2013 will go down as a memorable night in East history, as Mr. Cheese & Weinstock declared that “[he] won’t disgrace the sacred, beloved name of Mr. East.”