Halloween Masquerade Ball

As an outsider looking in, one may feel remorse for the East Thespian Society. After all, their annual Masquerade Ball falls on the same night as another popular dance right across the street at the Jewish Community Center. However, for those organizing tonight’s event, there’s no need to feel bad.

“I don’t think it’s a competition at all. It’s really just a night to have fun,” said Dana O’Linksy (’09), President of the East Thespian Society.

O’linksy expects about 80 East students to attend the dance and realizes the majority of those attending are involved in theatre.

“The dance is popular with a lot of theatre kids and it’s required for thespian members, but it’s still open to the entire school. It’s a tradition that we do every year,” said O’linksy.

Others involved in the Thespian Society echoed O’linksy’s enthusiasm about tonight’s dance.

Sabrina Davis (’09), a new member of the Thespian Society, said, “It’s my senior year and my first in Thespian Society, so I’m really excited for tonight.”

For Sam Sorin (’09), the best part of the Masquerade ball is that “everyone is friends with everyone” and that because a lot of theatre kids attend, the costumes are “really cool; everyone gets into it.”

According to Sorin, the highlight of the night is the costume contest. Prizes include cooking lessons at In The Kitchen in Haddonfield and a gift certificate to Classic Cake.