Freshman Dance visits Candyland

 Freshman Dance visits Candyland

On January 20 2012 East held its annual Freshman Dance from 7 to 10 p.m.  With a theme of Candyland, the halls and Cafeteria were decorated like the game board, with posters of characters as well as colorful squares and candy canes.

The  Freshmen Student Government officers, Sam Amon (President), Jordyn Kopelson, Sam Snyder and Eric Grayson (Vice Presidents) as well as the representatives worked tirelessly making decorations as well as organizing the food for the dance.

“The kids had a good plan, they had a lot of ideas and they executed most of them,” said Mrs. Melograna, one of the freshman class advisors.

The dance had various food options with cotton candy machines, ice-cream with various candy toppings and a few bowls of candy for everyone to eat.

The freshmen sold a total of 390 tickets to the dance and Jack Friedberg served as the DJ for the fun filled night.

“My favorite part of the dance is probably the DJ and the dancing,” said Amon.

Everyone else seemed to feel same as freshmen danced the night away through Candyland.

“Everyone worked really hard to plan the dance and I think it has really paid off,” Kopelson said.

Clearly the Class of 2015 is off to a positive start at East with a very successful Freshman Dance.