FOP Holiday Party is a Success

Every year Cherry Hill East partners up with Cherry Hill West to hold an FOP party during the Holiday Season at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for children with special needs such as autism. With over 900 attendees every year from different schools, the party is a lot of fun; the children have a blast with tons of food, music, dancing, and meet and greets with their favorite characters such as Blue from Blue’s Clues, Frosty the Snowman or the Phillies Fanatic.

The ballroom had a wintery feel with the holidays approaching. Snowmen, 3D paper Christmas trees, snowflakes, and presents brightened up the room, putting smiles on the children’s faces. The DJ did a wonderful job providing fun, friendly beats for the children. Members agree that dancing with the kids is always the most memorable experience. For those who did not want to dance, crayons and coloring pages were provided.

Children left the party not only happy, but also with their stomachs satisfied. Hot dogs were provided for lunch as always along with several snacks such as chips, cookies, goldfish, and a selection of drinks from soda to water.

This year however, an early dismissal for some schools made it hard to timely accommodate all the kids to the Santa Clause Room. But, with dedication and organization kids were able to enjoy sitting on Santa’s lap and taking pictures, making the party a success yet again.

Jillian Coleman (’15), the Santa Clause Room chairperson, said, “It was heartwarming to see the looks on the kids’ faces, the experience was more than just decorations, sometimes it’s the only outing these kids take part in every year, it’s really great to take part in it.”  Similarly, Daphna Varadi (’14) an overall chairperson said, “It was rewarding the see these kids act just like any other kid, leaving school, and having fun.”