FDA raises money for a club field trip

Today, Wednesday, February 24, the Future Doctors of America (FDA) Club held an after school bake sale to raise money for the club’s future endeavors.  The club members hope to purchase club t-shirts and possibly attend a field trip similar to other years’ trips to the Mutter Museum and a hospital to watch a live surgery. 

During the bake sale, club members Paul Jang (’10) and Alex Krefetz (’10) sold cookies, Dunkin Donuts, muffins and brownies ranging from $0.50 to one dollar.  According to Krefetz, the bake sale was a little more successful than past sales, though it was not one of their major bake sales.  He expects that they made around $40.  The FDA Club hosts bake sales about once a month. 

The club plans to hold its next meeting on March 25.  The meeting will consist of a guest radiologist to speak to the students about the profession of radiology.