Fall Blood Drive a success

Cherry Hill High School East held its first blood drive of the 2010 – 2011 school year. Students who were sixteen of older were able to donate blood, but the students that were sixteen needed parental consent. The Fall Blood Drive started on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010.

The process of actually donating blood was fairly simple. The person would enter the library during the designated time slot and head to the sign in table. The donator would then read the form and take a number. Due to the amount of people donating blood, there was a wait line. When the person’s number is called, he or she would enter the annex and take a seat, answering questions to determine if he or she was eligible to actually donate blood. If the person was eligible, then the Red Cross volunteer would proceed to clean the arm with iodine and then inject the needle.

After donating blood, the person would proceed to rest at the mat and he or she was provided with food from sponsoring companies such as Chipotle, and Smoothie King.

Dan Desrochers (’11) said, “It didn’t hurt, and it felt really good knowing that my blood will be used to help people out.”

More students, such as Michael Buono (’12) also agreed. “Knowing that I could be making a difference for someone, it felt great to donate blood,” Buono said.

Over 275 students and teacher donated blood, beating the goal previously set by Cherry Hill East.