Eastside Salon Rouge Makeover: Nicolle

 Oftentimes when I would look at myself in the mirror, I realized that I had nothing really special going on about my look. The day members of Eastside were chosen to have a makeover, I thought that it would be the perfect time to try something a little more out of the norm. My hair was (and has been since the day I was born) jet-black and perfectly straight. Unlike other girls who would alternate their styles between a crimp, curl, and a messy up-do, I would normally wear my hair down with a headband every single day, with the exception of a stubby ponytail for sports.

The day of the makeovers, I told one of my stylists at Salon Rouge that they could do whatever they wanted to do to my look. It was almost like a jump into an unknown abyss; I did not know what to expect or how I would turn out in the end. 

When the coloring, shampooing, and styling were finally over, I could not believe how amazingly different I looked. With a brand new cropped edgy cut with mellow highlights (as well as a shimmering complexion thanks to glittery eye shadow), I felt like I stood out from everyone else around me. I could not believe that my flat, pin-straight hair could ever look like this. High school girls should not be afraid to take a blind leap by drastically changing their look. Even a little alteration to one’s appearance can go a long way.