East participates in Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon week came and went, leaving East in the wake of drug-free sentiments and hidden weebles. The students and faculty of Cherry Hill East stood up against drugs and alcohol by participating in the Red Ribbon week activities. East in Action – a club which enforces anti-drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and violence – runs red ribbon week every year.

To kick Red Ribbon week off Matt Ballace, motivational speaker and comedian, gave a presentation to the students about living drug-free from his own experience. After watching is brother mess up his life with drugs he took a bold stand to live above the influence and say no to drugs. He taught the students how to have a “natural high” by doing fun things such as laughing, running, or just being adventurous and taking risks that are legal and do not involve drugs. He even gave the students a natural high when he tried to guess their classmates hobbies, but told the students to think that their hobby is kissing when they answered his questions.

East in Action organized themed dress-up days for the students and faculty to show their support for the cause. These dress-up days included sports jerseys, red, mismatch, pajamas, and Halloween costumes.

“I think the reaction is a positive one.  They all remember the elementary and middle school activities and it almost takes them back to that time,” said Ms. Jennifer Distefano, coordinator of Red Ribbon week and co-advisor of East in Action.

This week all the schools in Cherry Hill stand up against drugs and alcohol to tell their students “don’t let drugs haunt you”.