East hosts sensational spirit week performances


Each grade’s homecoming representatives enter the gym, showcasing their class banners.

Gabriella Friedman, Eastside Webmaster


On Tuesday night, Cherry Hill High School East hosted sensational performances made by the Freshmen Class of 2020, Sophomore Class of 2019, Junior Class of 2018, and Senior Class of 2017 in the Dibart gym. In final results, Seniors out-shined the rest with an out of this world performance which included strobe lights in the dark, and great dance moves. 

To start the night, the Freshmen class based their dance off of “A Famous Cow Tale,” which incorporates the story of Cinderella the cow girl.” This dance took us on a journey through a Cowboy’s Rodeo which Cinderella was able to go through with the help of her fairy godmother. The Freshmen wowed the audience with their dance moves, but didn’t seem to be particularly enthusiastic on the stage, as they did not smile often throughout the dance. However, they maintained uniform motion throughout and had great cowgirl and cowboy matching uniforms. The Freshmen tied for 3rd with the Sophomores.

The sophomores performed a thematic dance to candy “life-savers”. The performance began with the song “Stain’ Alive,” but then transitioned into the song “Help,” to emphasize someone is in distress and in need of a life-saver. They played other songs like “Surfin’ USA,” “Like a Surgeon,” “Fire Burnin’,” and “SOS” to portray life-savers in real situations. The story continues to say how friends are important with songs like, “Friends themes,” “Seven Nation Army,” and “Kryptonite.” They finished off their dance with how they’ve taught everyone to help others through the song “How to save a Life.” Sophomores placed in third, tied with the Freshmen.

After the performance, Hope Seybold (’19) said that the sophomores “worked really hard on it but not a lot of people showed up to practices.” She emphasized how she was still glad to have participated, and had a great attitude about the loss. “We will get it next year!” She said. 

Next, the Juniors were up-to-bat with there stunning performance of Baby Ruth’s Classic Baseball game. They started off their spirit week dance with the National Anthem which was performed on instruments by the Juniors Elizabeth Bishop (’19), Elizabeth Winslow (’19), Lily Yang (’19), Michelle Kim (’19) and Semi Oh (’19) using instruments like the flute and the Double Bass. When the students played the national anthem, it was a heart warming experience that really wowed the audience. In addition, the juniors had baseball bat props, and clean looking red and white baseball outfits that included a bright red baseball hat which caught the crowds attention. They performed using the songs, “Bring Em’ Out,” “Centerfield,” “All Stars,” “Load Up the Bases,” “I Don’t Dance,” “Kiss,” “Take me out to the ball game,” “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” “Wild Things,” “The Glory Days,” “Lucky Strike,” “Diamonds,” “All I Do is Win,” and the “Hall of Fame.” These dances suited the Juniors battle to win the sprit week competition and their “baseball game”. Juniors placed in second although many students argued that they should have come in first instead of the seniors because they had better transitions, uniformity, and creativeness.

Lastly, the Seniors who came in first place, wowed the audience with their emotional performance, stunning effects, and great dance moves. Their dance was about the Senior Disney Trip being changed to a trip to Outer Space. The seniors featured the songs, “Space Jam,” “Fly me to the Moon,” “Hot in Here,” “Pocketful of Sunshine,” “Help!” “Starships,” “Intergalactic,” “Jupiter,” “Instant Karma,” “Home,” and “Spaceman.” Their dance featured awesome breakdancing by the seniors in the Break Dance Club, and an emotional performance towards the end when the seniors put on graduation caps. It was a great performance that took first place!

 “It was a great experience to unite as a class and I really appreciate the choreographers this year who put so much time into making an awesome dance!” Said Megan Rose. She was very pleased with this years results, as this was her last opportunity to participate.

Overall, Seniors took first, with Juniors coming in second.  The Freshman and Sophomores tied for third. The crowd was cheering throughout the dances, all of which were very entertaining to watch for other students, teachers, and parents. The audience seemed to have a great time and there was a huge turnout. The bleachers were full of past alumni, and everyone seemed to be in spirit!