Demogorgon’s annual Poetry Slam was indeed slammin’

On Thursday, April 29, 2010, East’s Demogorgon held its annual Poetry Slam in the Library, organized by Editors-in-Chief Nuper Mital (’11), Avra Bossov (’11) and Zach Siegel (’11), with help from volunteers Sydney Gore (’11), Moriah Schervone (’11), Laura Kane (’11), Andrew Huff (’11), Max Gutbezahl (’10) and Chloe Gold (’11).  From periods one through eight, classes gathered in the library to listen to the creative words of teachers and students expressed through poetry and song. Mr. Greg Gagliardi and Mr. Pete Gambino hosted the upbeat event, frequently involving the audience members and bringing a comedic tone to the Slam. Demogorgon members sold previous years’ Demogorgon literary magazines on sale for five dollars, in addition to offering cookies and chips with every donation to the organization.  Band “Mr. Cecil Leonard and the Inspirational Ensemble” entertained the crowd with music during intermissions between periods.

“Everyone seems really into it.   The faculty gets involved too making it even more interesting,” said Kimberly Southwick (’02), temporary assistant advisor of Demogorgon.  “If I had known who Steven Markowitz was before I got here, I would have enjoyed it even more.”

Gagliardi said that the most popular topics of the day were Steve Markowitz and love, which coincidentally go hand in hand.

From inspirational readings to original songs, the 2010 Poetry Slam was indeed slammin’.

Hosts Gagliardi and Gambino entertained the crowd at today's Poetry Slam.