3V3: A fun, entertaining, competitive night for Cherry Hill East students and staff


On October 10, SGA hosted the second annual 3V3 basketball tournament. Individual teams made up of friends, teammates and teachers gathered in the DiBart gym at 7 p.m. to play against each other in hopes of becoming the 2013 champions.

With a total of forty teams signed up to participate, “it [was] almost doubled from last year,” said Ms. Germschied, East’s SGA advisor.

Ross Peterzell (’14), president of SGA at East, added, “last year we only had 24 teams and we had very little attendance from outside people… we definitely filled up the bleachers a little bit more.”

Also proving the tournament’s growth, eight divisions of five were prepared this year as opposed to six divisions of four.

When it came to promoting the event, SGA representatives denoted every class through participation and through help at the actual event. They hung up signs within the first two weeks of school, hired a publicity person, Zach Friedman (’14), to go to homerooms, and went into lunches to hand out information and sign-up sheets. Also, Peterzell started and constantly contributed to the 3V3 Facebook page, hoping to reach out to students outside of school.

In addition, with the $2 entry fee and $5 sign-up charge, Ms. Germschied said that SGA is going to “put [the profits] into the SGA fund and then hopefully during the year [SGA] will find a charity or some organization and also help funding some aspects of senior trip.”

The final game came down to Dennis Gray (Ross Peterzell (’14), Mike Brambilla (’14), Andrew Cohen (’14) and Mr. Speller) and The Monstars (Adam Bienstock (’14), Tyler Gamble (’14) and Alex Aquino (’14)). After putting up a tough fight, the final score was 5-0, resulting in an ultimate win by Dennis Gray.

Ultimately, the event proved to be extremely successful and a fun time for all who were involved.