Valentine’s Day review

Just like the actual holiday, Valentine’s Day is corny (for lack of a better word) and overly sentimental. The film, directed by Gary Marshall (Pretty Women) is a complete mess. And yet, it made $56,260,707 opening week.

One reason? It has many recognizable stars. Some of them actually did a good job playing their part. For example, Anne Hathaway is very convincing as a phone entertainer trying to juggle her odd job and her relationship. Ashton Kutcher also does an excellent job with his part of a recently rejected florist. He gives the character dimension and personality, even if he is too sentimental. However, some actors and actresses, like Taylor Swift, seem insincere and unconvincing. But she should not be blamed because the role of a stupid teenager would be unforgiving to any actress, never mind a new actress.

There is one problem with having this many stars though. If you get up to go to the restroom or buy more popcorn, your favorite star has already disappeared from the screen. Think about it – the movie runs for about 125 minutes and there are about 21 stars, divide that and you will get about six minutes of screen time per star.

Plus, along with multiple actors come multiple plot lines. And movies should be something you can lose yourself in, not something you need to take notes on to be able to follow.

What is most puzzling about Valentine’s Day is its classification as a romantic comedy. It is romantic, even if it is sappy, but it is not in the least comedic. Of course, there are some parts that will get a laugh or two, like when the radio announcer says the “three words that we would all like to hear” (and they are not “I love you”) but overall, there are no gut-wrenching jokes. Like when Taylor Lautner jokes that he is too embarrassed to take off his shirt, referencing the Twilight movies when he is constantly shirtless. Yes, that is supposed to be a joke. Ha.

Overall, this movie is completely subjective. If you are a sucker for sappy, chick flick movies that feature multiple stars, then this movie is a must-see. However, if the aforementioned qualities make you sick, do not, under any circumstances, see this movie.

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